American History 1: European exploration-1877

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RAFT paper template <------Click on link

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Tests, quizzes, and study guides:


Quiz #2 study guide <----Click on link

Quiz #3 study guide <----Click on link

Quiz #2 <-----Click on link

Practice tests

#1 <---Click on link

#4 <---Click on link

#5 <---Click on link

#6 <---Click on link

Midterm Retest <---Click on link   Answer sheet <---Click on link

Unit #1-Historical Thinking

Personal history timeline assignment <-----Click on link

Bias <----Click on link [This is for the Historical bias assignment]

Types of historical sources lesson resource <----Click on link      Historical source assignment <------Click on link

Unit #2-Exploration, Conquest and Colonization

African slave narrative #1 [primary source assignment #1] <----Click on link

African slave narrative #2 [primary source assignment #2] <---Click on link

African slavery RAFT paper <----Click on link   Student example <----Click on link

Spanish conquest and colonization <----Click on link

North American colonial experience  <----Click on link


Youtube version of 1492 Conquest of Paradise <----Click on link

Columbus movie questions part 1 <----Click on link

Columbus movie questions part 2 <----Click on link

Columbus movie questions part 3 <----Click on link

Is Columbus a Hero or Villain? <-----Click on link

Columbus's diary <------Click on link

The Columbian Exchange <--------Click on link

European Exploration of the New World Web quest   <-----Click on link       Here is an awesome student example <--------Click on link

Students should begin and complete the following two (2) assignments from 2/8/16-2/10/16

The Great Awakening Cartoon strip and EQOD <----Click on link [Make sure you open both of the links to the left] Cartoon template <-----Click on link

Puritans and their lives in Massachusetts and Puritan wanted poster [<---CLICK ON LINK]  Here is awesome student example <------Click on link  Example #2

Text of the sermon City Upon a Hill <------Click on link [See the second to last slide in the power point directly above for instructions]

Study guide for Quiz #1 <---------Click on link

 The French and Indian War slide show (PDF) [<---Click on link] Questions for this assignment <----Click on link

Road to Revolution PPT <------Click on link  [EQOD Colonial Rebellion and Colonial Rebellion RAFT paper is in here]

Declaration of Independence tasks

The Declaration of Independence use this for the American independence EQOD and Declaration of Independence analysis<------Click on link

The Scandal of the Declaration of Independence <----Click on link

Declaration of Independence Scavenger Hunt <-------Click on link

Colonial propaganda poster <----Click on link


Unit #3-The New Nation

The end of the American Revolution


Why the Articles of Confederation were weak: An example

Shay's Rebellion <---Click on link 

Website for research on Shay's Rebellion

Website #1     <---Click on link

Website #2     <---Click on link

Website #3    <-----Click on link

Website #4     <---Click on link

Website #5     <-----Click on link

Text of the adapted Articles of Confederation <---Click on link [this link's document has the text and the assignment]


War letter home <---Click on link
Example of real letter written to George Washington during the Revolutionary War <---Click on link


Constitutional Convention

Overview of the meeting PPT use this for the Constitutional Convention/Philadelphia Convention assignments and 321 assignment<---Click on link

Student work sample <----Click on link [Prezi presentation]

Student work sample <---Click on link [Prezi presentation]

Graphic organizer <-----Click on link [Use this to help your thinking] <--The Constitutional Convention chart and questions are here

Federalist 51 <---Click on link

Response to Federalist 51 news article <---Click on link

Federalist 10 <---Click on link

Interesting Wikipedia article about the Ratification process <-----Click on link

U.S. Constitution 

Adapted version of the Constitution <----Click on link

Guided questions about U.S. Constitution <----Click on link


Terminology found in the U.S. Constitution <---Click on link

Some background on Constitutional clauses and Amendments <---Click on link


The Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights PPT and poster <----Click on link [Bill of Rights poster assignment and EQOD are in here]

Power point presentation about the so-called Bill of Rights <-----Click on link



The Presidencies George Washington (1789-1797) and John Adams (1797-1801)

George Washington's Final acts <----Click on link [EQOD Washington's Neutrality is in here]

Presidencies of Washington and Adams PPT<----Click on link

Guided questions for presidencies of Washington and Adams <----Click on link

Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality assignment <---Click on link

Washington Farewell Address <----Click on link

Assignment for Washington's Farewell Address <---Click on link [Letter to Washington is in here]

Election of 1796 <---Click on link 

Early U.S. Republic foldable activity <---Click on link

John Adams and the XYZ Affair [use this resource for reference and disregard the slide about an assignment] <---Click on link

XYZ Affair assignment <---Click on link

Marbury vs Madison

Marbury vs Madison resource<----Click on link 

Marbury vs Madison resource<----Click on link 

Marbury vs Madison resource<----Click on link 


Use the web resources above to help you with the assignment below

Marbury vs Madison assignment using Animoto movie making program <----Click on link

Here are a few recent student examples:

Sample #1 <-----Click on link

Sample #2 <-----Click on link

Sample #3 <-----Click on link

Sample #4 <-----Click on link

Sample #5 <-----Click on link

Example of an Animoto video <---Click on link [Due to the THS school wide block of Youtube you will have to view this at home or on your cell phone]

Link to Animoto website <---Click on link

Thomas Jefferson


The Election of 1800 <-----Click on link 

Sally Hemings Controversy

Use the links below to complete the political critique assignment <-----Click on link    Here is an example [<--Click on link] of this task created by a student

Link #1 <---Click on link

Link #2 <---Click on link

Link #3 <---Click on link

American Western expansionism advertisement <---Click on link

American expansion PPT resource <---Click on link

Guided reading questions about GW & JA & TJ <-----Click on link

Lewis and Clark documentary film link <----Click on link    Documentary film questions <----Click on link

Thomas Jefferson Obituary assignment <----Click on link    Jefferson biographical information <-----Click on link

Unit #4: America as a world power

War of 1812 

Info sheet for the Second War for Independence <---Click on link    Student example <----Click on link

War of 1812 PPT <---Click on link   [Letter of opinion is in here]       Student example <-----Click on link  Student example <----Click on link

Wikipedia entry for the War of 1812 <---Click on link

The Monroe Doctrine

Text of the Monroe Doctrine <----Click on link       Reaction to Monroe's speech task <------Click on link        Student work sample <-----Click on link

History Detective Assignment <----Click on link

Age of Jackson

President Jackson and related topics <----Click on link 

Jacksonian democracy Lesson questions for PPT above <-----Click on link

See my for access to the Andrew Jackson packet



 1800s Christian Reform Movement 


PPT for 1800s Christian Reform movement <---Click on link  [Christian reformers assignment is in here]

Lesson questions for Christian reform movement <---Click on link

Mid 1800s Sectionalist Conflict


[1] Utopian/Perfectionist communities <----Click on link

The Village task <------Click on link [Students who did not view the film The Village must do so on their own]

Unit #5

Industrialization Textbook activities

Students must complete all tasks on pp. 279, 285, 292, 299, and 300 on a blank separate sheet [all questions/prompts must be written AND answered]

Western expansion movie assignment <-----Click on link

Western expansion lesson questions <------Click on link  Use the following PPT to answer lesson question the previous link <-----Click on link

Industrial Revolution mini-project [last slide] <-----Click on link   Student work sample <---Click on link
 Industrial Revolution's economic/social effects [use last PPT]<----Click on link

Nationalism and sectionalism in art and literature <----Click on link [Directions for The Raven poem analysis in here]
Lesson questions for the PPT above <----Click on link

Text of the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe <----Click on link


Use this PPT for the Industrial Age business advances Lesson Q's <----Click on link Here are the questions <---Click on link

Causes of U.S. Civil War Text book preview assignment on pp. 309, 317, 321, 331, and 334-335.

Western Expansion Tiered Choice Project <-----Click on link

Stage coach Mary <-----Click on link

Stage coach Mary <-----Click on link

 Road to sectionalism over slavery [This includes the anger chart and all three sectionalism assessments] <----Click on link

Causes of the U.S. Civil War


Some causes of the U.S. Civil War [this includes the two (2) choice assignments]<----Click on link

Lesson questions to match PPT above <-----Click on link

History detectives: Anaconda Plan <----Click on link

Turning points of the U.S. Civil War <----Click on link

The Bennett family (Ordinary Americans in the South impacted by the U.S. Civil War)  <-----Click on link

The Plot to kill President Lincoln <---Click on link       Documentary film link <---Click on link


Andersonville prison camp

Directions for research mini-project [personal letter] <-----Click on link

Internet website resources students should use for background knowledge <-----Click on link

Post Civil War Reconstruction Era

Post U.S. Civil War Reconstruction Era <----Click on link

Lesson questions related to Reconstruction era PPT Part 1  <-----Click on link

Aftershock questions  <----Click on link           Historical documentary about Reconstruction <---Click on link

Lesson questions related to Reconstruction era PPT Part 2  <-----Click on link

Reconstruction era political cartoon assignment <----Click on link    Student work sample <----Click on link

Example of a multi-paneled  cartoon <----Click on link




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