American History 2: 1877-2001

Historical Thinking

Types of historical sources <-------Click on link

Bias in history: How to detect and understanding its impact <-----Click on link

Bias in historical text assignment use the links below to help you complete the assignment <-----Click on link

   Use these three files, in order, to complete the biased historical text assignment directly above:
        Cover            Page 5       Page 6

Post Civil War Reconstruction Era

 PPT regarding Reconstruction era in the United States <----Click on link

Lesson questions related to Reconstruction era PPT Part 1  <-----Click on link

Aftershock questions  <----Click on link 

Links to Aftershock documentary film clips

Part 1      <-----Click on link                                          Part 4      <-----Click on link

Part 2      <-----Click on link                                          Part 5      <-----Click on link

Part 3      <-----Click on link                                          Part 6      <-----Click on link

Lesson questions related to Reconstruction era PPT Part 2  <-----Click on link

15th Amendment poster print <-----Click on link

Reconstruction era political cartoon assignment <----Click on link

Example of a multi-paneled  cartoon <----Click on link

The Wild West of the mid to late 1800s

Indians, Railroads and the Wild West  <----Click on link

Black cowboys <-----Click on link

Urban America and the late 1800s

Instructions for the newspaper front page assignment:

Instructions <---Click on link

Lewis Hine websites:

site #1 <---Click link

site #2 <---Click link

site #3 <---Click on link


Jacob Riis websites: 

site #1 <---Click on link

site #2 <---Click on link

site #3 <---Click on link

Immigration and the Melting Pot <-------Click on link

Urban America 1865-1896 Graphic Organizer packet    <---Click on link

Late 19th Century U.S. Imperialism

Spanish American War and Imperialism continued <---Click on link

U.S. Imperialism <---Click on link 

The 1910s

Imperialism and Progressivism <---Click on link 

Reading quiz <---click on link

Triangle Fire of 1911 video on PBS  <---Click on link 

Corresponding chart for the video above <----Click on link

World War One (The Great War)  <---Click on link

WWI RAFT options <---Click on link

The 1920s

The New Era: 1920s  <----Click on link 


Directions for 1920s research paper <---Click on link


Research paper section deadlines <---Click on link


Rubric for 1920s Research paper <---Click on link


An example  of a MLA 7th Edition formatted paper <---Click on link


Examples of in text citations for MLA 7th Edition

Example #1 <---Click on link

Example #2 <---Click on link

Great Depression


Preview project Great Depression <---Click on link 


Part 1 Great Depression* <---Click on link

Part 2 Great Depression* <---Click on link

The New Deal <---Click on link

World War II


World War II <---Click on link 

World War II movie questions for America: The Story of Us* <---Click on link

Youtube version of the video shown in class <---Click on link


Cold War

Origins of the Cold War PPT* <----Click on link

Question chart for Origins of the Cold War PPT *<----Click on link


The Cuban Missile Crisis 13 Days <----Click on link [this is a Youtbe link to the film]


Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations PPT <----Click on link

Guided questions for Eisenhower and Kennedy PPT <---Click on link

Website for Animoto <----Click on link

1950s Civil Rights Movement   

Eyes on the Prize episode #1 <----Click on link

Eyes on the Prize episode #2 <----Click on link

Question chart for both episodes about the early U.S. Civil Rights movement <----Click on link 


1950s Civil Rights Movement Technology assignment <----Click on link


1950s Affluent Society

PPT Presentation <----Click on link



The Turbulent 1960s

The expanding civil rights movement and 1960s Counter-culture <----Click on link

1960s presidents

Presidents Kennedy and Johnson PPT <-----Click on link

Topic chart for JFK and LBJ <----Click on link

Vietnam War

Pictorial history of the Vietnam War PPT <----Click on link

Chart for pictorial history of Vietnam War <----Click on link

President Nixon and Triangular Diplomacy reading <----Click on link
Chart for Nixon's Triangular Diplomacy <---Click on link

President Nixon and Vietnam reading <----Click on link
Chart for Nixon and Vietnam <----Click on link


Text of the infamous Ridenhour letter <----Click on link
Note taking help for Ridenhour letter <----Click on link

President Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

Powerpoint presentation with assignment about the president's involvement in this scandal <---- Click on link 


The culmination of the Feminist Movement

The content in the secondary resource below traces some aspects of the American women's rights movement with roots in the 1790s all the way to the 1970s.

PPT about some aspects of the Feminist movement <------Click on link

End of 20th Century Terror

1990s to early 2000s U.S. War on terror  <-----Click on link  

American History 2 Final Exam [teacher made]  <-------Click  on link

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